About us


Under the LIDES brand lies the enthusiasm and joy of creating unique lighting objects with an emphasis on detail, precision, manual execution and the quality of the materials used.


Our intention was to combine the beauty of glass, the play of light, modern technologies, new production methods and materialize all aspects into functional works of art that will bring not only light but also beauty to any space.


For this purpose, in 2012 we founded a Slovak brand of high-quality, honestly produced design lamps - LIDES light in design. The lamps can be proud of the "handmade in Slovakia" label. The basic building elements are hand-worked glass with various glassmaking techniques, noble stainless steel, crystals from Swarovski and LED technology.


During design, development and production, we follow the motto: "Lights should not only look beautiful, but also illuminate really well."


We bring to the market our own collection of lamps and, last but not least, unique glass installations designed directly into the space, beyond your imagination.