<tc>We specialize in the production of designer lights, chandeliers and starry sky.</tc>

With attention to detail and an emphasis on quality. Honestly made in Slovakia

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<tc>Magical atmosphere</tc>

under the starry sky

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<tc>Parachute collection</tc>

ideal solution for stairways

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crystal luxury

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<tc>Waterlily collection</tc>

the jewel of every space

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<tc>Fallen collection</tc>

autumn in the interior

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<tc>Lavante SKY restaurant</tc>

Custom-made lighting brought a breathtaking atmosphere to the space, multiplying the enjoyment of the food.
We supplemented the dominant chandeliers made of hand-blown glass with a starry sky that dotted the entire ceiling.
The goal was to ensure a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Create a pleasant environment for customers and at the same time provide enough light.
Precise work, attention to detail, quality materials, unique solutions are our signature.

<tc>Lides s.r.o.</tc>


Hlavná 1907, 95132 Horná Kráľová


Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 19:00,
Saturday:  8:00 - 19:00,
Sunday: Closed